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When you come to Glass With Attitude,   (GlassWA.com)  you have two options.


Choose,  from our  unique and distinctive kiln formed handmade fused glass designs 


Let  your imagination run wild!     Let us together  bring it to reality  in  fused  glass!


  • For you: this is a unique opportunity to get the natural beauty of kiln formed glass into your home or office environment.



  • For us: another opportunity to produce a truly original and valuable piece of glass art.


The cost?   Unbeatable  good value considering its QUALITY



No job is too large or too small.     As we are driven by  customer demand,  we are continually meeting with  new  and challenging applications for our glass..



Work in progress.   - a fusing kiln at our Chapel Studio.


This glass is ideally suited for


Architectural glass: Balustrading, Partitioning and Screening

Wall hangings and glass art panels

Replacement  "Art Glass" interior  and exterior door and window glass panels in coloured and textured  designs with doubleglazed and safety glass  options available.

Trophies, Awards  & Personalized gifts

Kitchen and bathroom splashbacks

Wall  and floor tiles of any size: even slip resistant and safe to walk on.

Worktops, Tabletops  from coffee tables to dining tables.

Unique tableware: from a  complete dinner service to individual  plates, dishes, bowls, platters and coasters.

..... and lots more.



Why settle for boring alternatives?  Bring some sunshine and colour  into your home - with style.


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